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   Mitchell Pickard is an accomplished designer in many different design vernaculars. His passions lie in furniture, architecture, art, auto, photography, fashion and jewelry.

   His eye for detail, proportions and quality of materials he uses in his designs were forged into him as a young man while working with his father Grant, on many of his gunsmith projects growing up in Texas. His father taught him that there is no substitute for quality. It has to look and feel wonderful to the hand when touching or holding the object. 

   There is no mistake when observing his designs that lines and proportions play a critical part in they way he wants his designs to appeal to the viewer.

   Lines,proportions,exquisite materials, and color give joy to my spirit when correctly used, which therefore give life to the object i am creating. What greater joy is there than to have an idea, and then with passion, draw into life a real usable object.

   His goal is that he hopes you find his work fresh and inspiring to the eye.

  Quote: Always Love, Always Laugh, and Always Forgive.




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